Collection: GRAIN OF SAND by Aneth

Grain of Sand was founded in 2014 by our Designer and CEO, Aneth Lusardi. Aneth has a deeply rooted admiration for fresh water pearls, scenic vibrancy, and natural elements. From bright, outstanding colors, to oceanic hues, to more neutral tones, each handcrafted design is uniquely perfected through her creative process. 

Aneth’s emphasis on “one of a kind” pieces is the inspiration behind the name Grain of Sand.

A grain of sand plays a pivotal role in the formation of a pearl. A grain of sand will make its way inside an oyster’s shell. The grain of sand, considered a foreign body at this point, will cause the oyster to react. In a defense mechanism, the oyster begins to secrete a substance called nacre. The nacre then wraps itself continuously around the grain of sand, eventually forming a pearl.

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